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 Summoning & Sage Mode Rules

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Stella Araragi
Stella Araragi

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PostSubject: Summoning & Sage Mode Rules   Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:22 pm

S u m m o n i n g   C o n t r a c t s

Summoning Contracts came about when Shinobi made blood pacts with Animals that lived in a different world then our own. They are called upon in times of Battle, Strife, or even just for company.

However, Summons are very picky about who Summons them. To obtain a Summon, you must first reply to one of the topics with the Summon you'd like to use. Once approved, you will be added to the list of Summoners, and from there, you will NOT be able to use the Summons in battle, until you beat the Boss Summon at any test they may give you.

1 Character is able to sign up to 2 Summon Contracts, but can only summon 1 type at a time.

This is the List of Boss Summons:

    Name only
  • Dragon: Ryuujin
  • Tiger: Mayuko
  • Lion Turtle:
  • Slug: Katsuyu
  • Toad: Gamabunta
  • Snake: Manda
  • Bird: Toru
  • Bat: Guna
  • Bee: Suzu
  • Spider: Junbi
  • Piranha: Gen
  • Shark: Same
  • Owl: Koku
  • Hawk: Mei
  • Ninken (Nin-Dog): Pakun
  • Crow: Yami
  • Salamander: Ibuse
  • Monkey: Enma
  • Tortoise: Yu
  • Chameleon: Umi

To Register for a Contract, Place your Character's Name in a reply post to the Topic of the Summon you wish to have. There is no limit to the amount of Summers that 1 Contract can have.

S a g e   M o d e:

Sage Mode is a powerful form obtained by training with your Summon. The requirements aren't to bad, and the form is well worth gaining. Unfortunately, there are only so many spots open, AND only 2 Sage Mode users can be in one Contract.

    List of Current Sage Mode Users:

    Requirements for Sage Mode
  • Must only sign 1 contract
  • Must have over 250 Posts
  • Must train with Summon Elders (1500 Word Topic)
  • Must have been to Summon's World.

    Limits of Sage Mode:
  • When Sage Mode is Active, you get x2 Chakra
  • When Extra Chakra Runs out, Sage Mode Deactivates
  • To get Chakra back, you must Stand Still and gather Nature Chakra for 3 turns (Or find a different method and have it approved by Staffers)
  • Topics CAN be started in Sage Mode

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Summoning & Sage Mode Rules
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