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 Basic Rules

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Narora Uchiha
Narora Uchiha

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:28 pm

Welcome, I’m glad you came here. This means you're smart enough to find the password. (^^)

Good for you!!!

  1. Biggest Rule we have here: Respect. Respect staff, Respect members, respect even the new members. And if you can't do that, then it's not hard to just ignore that person(s) and continue on with life. Don't start any big fights in the C-box, in the Forums, or even in the PMs. Respect is Key on this form.

  2. Discrimination: None. N-O-N-E. Absolutely 0 tolerance for this. It's ok if is IC, because it deals with your Characters, and it furthers plots and emotions. HOWEVER, if it is found out that it is happening outside of Roleplay. You. Will. Be. Banned. That's it, there's no ifs, ands, or buts to it, your gone, and you don't come back. We have a mix of everybody at this board.

  3. Language: Now, I don't like to do this. I really don't, but, this Roleplay is English Only. I myself can only understand small mounts of Japanese, Less French, and almost 0 Spanish. But, if you don't have proper English down, then I will have to ask you to leave. Sure, make some attacks, abilities, weapons, characters, hell, anything in German. But, if all you can speak IS German, please, do not Roleplay here. I really hate to say this. After saying this, your password is: Konoha, PM it to an active Staffer.

  4. Advertising: If your only here to advertise or Affiliate, please, feel free to do so. We'd love to have you. (^^) HOWEVER. You guests are only permitted to advertise/affiliate within the proper, guest friendly forum. Do not join just to fill up your Profile and Signature with links, because not even members are aloud to do this. I can't rightly stop you from Advertising in PMs, but I ask that you please do not. And we will know if you do, our Members will report you.

    We welcome all kinds of Roleplay Advertising, from G rated sites, to NC17+ sites.

  5. Personal Roleplay Level: We can't all be masters at Roleplay. As such, we welcome you new Roleplay fanatics. We don't mind that you are new. In fact, we'll even help ya get better! That's what Staff and fellow Members are for after all. (^^) Saying this, Konoha is not your Password! Do not say a THING about it! Your real password, is: Kumo.

  6. Activity: Now, we're not real strict you see. You're activity is your own. You can vanish for a while, about a week, and you wont get any consequences about it until after that week is up. Consequences of this? Well, you will be stripped of, and not limited to: Rankings, Placings, Staff Positions, Organization Positions (Rankings), and so on so forth, within TWO WEEKS of your absence (unless you posted in the 'Departure' area how long you will be gone. But, if you are gone a week after the date you say you should be back, you will lose all of these rankings.)

    There are other members out there who would love to have your Rank, and may even be more active with it.

  7. Characters: Ah yes, the dreaded 'Character' area of our rules. Well, here is what I'm gonna talk about, in an organized fashion. (^^)

    Cannon Characters:



  8. Roleplay: This is a biggie. Now, there are requirements to this, and we would like for you to follow them:
    Roleplay Guidelines:

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Basic Rules
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